The table below contains presumptive suspensions per the by-laws and/or D&R Committee decisions regarding suspensions for red card offenses. When referees notify the league assignor of an ejection, the player’s name, team name, game date and offense will be posted in the table, along with the presumptive suspension prescribed by the by-laws.

If the D&R Committee is required to make a decision regarding the suspension and/or fine, that information will also be posted. Posting of this information serves as notice to the suspended player and the time for appeal begins to run when the information is posted. Not all suspensions are appealable – refer to the by-laws.

Every time a player sits out a game (Rain Outs or other games not played due to field closure DO NOT count), a date will be added to the Dates Served column and when the suspension is completed, the player’s name will again be available to print on the roster. If a player is fined by D&R, the fine must also be paid before the player’s name will print on the roster.

Rosters cannot be printed before Friday, but once they are printed captains are responsible for checking to be sure that all eligible players are on the roster. If not, you will need to get in touch with the league to ascertain why the player’s name is not printing. Referees cannot allow a player to play if his name is not printed on the roster.

For a list of yellow cards accumulated this season, click HERE.

Color Legend
Suspension complete and/or fine paid
Suspension incomplete and/or fine unpaid


Current Season Suspensions
Player Team Date Offense Suspension Dates served Fine Paid
Stogsdill, James Atlantis 10/22/17 E,H 2 games 5-Nov, 19-Nov $25 $25
Garcia, Horatio Cossacks 11/12/17 A 1 game 19-Nov $0 N/A
Ramos, Abel Cossacks 12/3/17 E 1 game $0 N/A
Anderson, Alex Errea 11/12/17 E 1 game 19-Nov $0 N/A
Flores, Matthew Errea 11/12/17 B 2 games 19-Nov, 3-Dec $0 N/A
Moll, Carlos FC Del Sol 12/3/17 F 1 game $0 N/A
Villasenor, Leopoldo FC Del Sol 10/15/17 J 1 game 22-Oct $0 N/A
Iman, Mohamed FC Juba 10/1/17 H 2 games 8-Oct, 15-Oct $25 $25
Mahidula, Murjany FC Juba 11/19/17 C ??? 3-Dec, ??? N/A
Mohamed, Awes FC Juba 11/19/17 A 3-Dec $0 N/A
Miranda, Wener FC Olympiakos of Tucson 10/1/17 E 1 game 8-Oct $0 N/A
Rebeil, Daniel FC Olympiakos of Tucson 10/15/17 A 1 game 22-Oct $0 N/A
Ahmed, Mohamed FC Spartak 11/5/17 B 2 games 12-Nov, 19-Nov $0 N/A
McDonald, Carson FC Spartak 11/19/17 F 1 game 3-Dec $0 N/A
Morales, Rajiv FC Spartak 11/5/17 F 1 game 12-Nov $0 N/A
Itule, Fred Firestorm FC 11/5/17 E 1 games 12-Nov $0 N/A
Tsitsis, Vaios Hooligans FC 12/3/17 F 1 game $0 N/A
Garcia, Victor Tumex 11/19/17 B 2 games $0 N/A


Current Players, Still Owe Fines
Player Team Date Offense Suspension Dates served Fine Paid
Albelais, Carlos Errea 11/12/17 H 2 games 19-Nov, 3-Dec $25


Long-term Suspensions
Player Team Date Offense Suspension Dates served Fine Paid
Acevedo, Augustin 01/01/05 C Lifetime XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX $0 NA
Gonzalez, Ramiro Roma 04/11/10 C 3 years Player ineligible until June 2013 $150
Habensus, Mladen FC Bosna 03/26/06 C Lifetime XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX $100 NA
Knezevic, Mario FC Bosna 4/22/12 C, H Longterm Player ineligible until September 2013 $100
Marier, Kuir West Nile 11/21/04 B Lifetime XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX $0 NA



Key to Offenses
A Serious Foul Play/DOGSO
B Violent Conduct/Threats of Violence
C Referee Assault
D Offensive, Abusive language or gestures
E Two Cautions in (1) one game
F Three Cautions accumulated in season
G Playing illegal player
H Foul & Abusive language directed at official
J Acts Detrimental to Soccer
K Fighting
L Team violation while on probation


Color Legend
Suspension complete and/or fine paid
Suspension incomplete and/or fine unpaid


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